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Traditional Tuscan farmhouse with pool and 81 hectares of beautiful countryside estate for sale

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Tuscan style villa.   8 Bedrooms    7+2 Baths    720 Sqm   Original vaulted high ceilings  



The farm was bought in 1981 by Leandro Magnaghi under whom the transformation of the 17th century farmhouse into a beautiful Tuscan style villa began.

First as a private family house and crop farm, later, and for over 20 years, the land hosted an important veterinary center, led by Nicola, Leandro's son, who offered clinical services and retirement to 50+ race horses. 

After years of a professional successful career that ensured him a long standing position within the veterinary commission of prestigious Siena's Palio horse race, Nicola decided to focus on new possibilities and moved to Laos, where he worked as a consultant for the Asian Development Bank and founded a veterinary clinic in the capital, Vientiane.

The Agriturismo started to take place as background activity during Nicola's permanency in Asia.

At the end of his studies, Nicola's son, Nicolò decided to move back to the family house and with the help and support of Giulia, his sister and Mia, his companion and many others, he focused on the strengthening of rental services, the improvement of the villa and many agricultural projects such as the realization of a 500 plants olive groove, a 200 plants walnut plantation and a truffle field. Passionate about travels, peoples and cultures, he now feels that is time to

change, leaving the family villa to embrace new chances that can enlighten his personal growth  and let to others the opportunity of taking care of this beautiful property.

Other info
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700 sqm of beautiful traditional two storey Tuscan house. 

Original ceiling with arches and columns. 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, 2 big open space living rooms, and a prestigious pool table. 3 covered outdoor areas for a total of 64 sqm.



swimming-pool (2).png

Swimming pool


12×6 m with roman staircase swimming pool (120 m³) and steam bath


Panoramic view

Breathtaking views of the Tuscan hills


Natural water source


Connection to the public water system and  natural source presence with the collection system. 


Olive groove

500 olive trees which 220 of them are centenary

Solar panels

96,2 sqm photovoltaic plant for

18 kw/h of power production


High stalk plantations

200 walnuts trees

 Around half of a hectare of black truffles plantation (oak, hazelnut and hornbeam) 


See much more in our photo and video gallery



The villa is located in Montecatini val di Cecina, area of elevated interest in terms of eno-gastronomy, neighboring

the famous Montescudaio and Bolgheri. 20 mins driving from the seaside and the major town in the surroundings, Cecina. Land of the Etruscans, this territory not only satisfies the most exigent palate but also offers loads of activities to the curious ones. Incomparable world's heritage sites such as Volterra and Siena are among the main  architectural models expressed throughout the region. Arts and history are therefore some of the most valuable characteristic of our “close by” towns and cities: Montescudaio, Guardistallo, Bibbona, Casale Marittimo, Montecatini val di Cecina and Volterra can all be reached in less than 40 mins driving; Siena, Pisa, Livorno, Firenze, Lucca in within 1,30 hours or so.

Thousands of panoramic view points and natural areas in a rural ecosystem distinguish Tuscany worldwide and so, this beautiful villa.

Wine area nearby


Situated at just 25 km from one of the most famous wine production area in the world, Bolgheri.

Main cities around


Livorno 56 km

Pisa 77 km

Florence 102 km

Siena 86 km

Coast side nearby 


Situated at only 20 mins driving from the coast side of Tyrrhenian Sea

Leisure Activities


City tours

Horseback riding 



Gastronomic interest


Wide variety of  high quality fresh ingredients, lots of culinary experiences and dining options.


Green area


In between "Appennino Tosco-Emiliano" and the Tyrrhenian sea. 

Tuscany offers multiple choices for nature lovers.

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